Refund Policy


Refunds ForDigital Goods

Refunds do not apply to any digital goods sold in our store. Ebooks are digital goods and instant downloads, therefore, they cannot be returned and no refund can be given.

If there is a problem with your purchase, such as downloading issues, please contact the BookFunnel delivery service at

Please choose carefully. Refunds are only given if you buy a duplicate item within 48 hours of the first purchase, in which case the duplicate item will be refunded. Our refund period is 30 days and you must notify us that you purchased the same product within a 48-hour period.

Refunds For Errors

We are unable to make adjustments if a discount code was not applied. Please confirm your discount code was entered correctly before purchase.

We are also not able to issue refunds if you didn't understand the product you purchased was a digital product. Digital products say ‘EBOOK’ or ‘EBOOK BUNDLE’ in the description.