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Jake: Must Love Danger Book 3

Jake: Must Love Danger Book 3


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After shocking news that her sister’s newborn is missing, Amanda Long must discover if the baby is alive. But can she rescue the infant before the captor disappears without a trace, taking the baby away forever?

Navy SEAL Jake Holland retires and works for Black Swan. He is more than a little surprised to find Amanda employed there. And even more so that she is still single. Her talent as a security specialist can’t be questioned. Yet what are the odds that she’d end up at the same company?

Amanda hasn’t confronted Jake with the past. And he prefers it that way. Yet he bickers with her incessantly. Personal issues aside, Jake can’t bear to witness Amanda suffering. She keeps up the façade of being strong, but that doesn’t fool him. Despite her tough attitude, Amanda had a kind heart; not that she would cut him any slack.

Jake must go undercover with Amanda, but the mission has trouble written all over it!


In this military romantic suspense series, ex-Navy SEALs form an executive protection company called Black Swan. The black swans were unexpected, like the unexpected danger the company fights. The team is dedicated to saving lives in the civilian world, using skills honed to perfection under battle conditions.

There is a rule for new teammates: Must Love Danger

Each novel in the series is a complete romance with no cliffhangers and guaranteed HEA. And the characters you love make appearances in future stories.

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