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Ryker: Must Love Danger Book 2

Ryker: Must Love Danger Book 2


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Mia Scott’s abusive ex-husband won’t leave her alone.

She is a self-made woman, raised in foster care. Her tech company gains investor support to distribute her learning tool. The goal is to give kids a chance in a tough world, which is more than she had. But her ex-husband stalks her, while his eight-year old nephew is at risk due to a learning issue and threatened by violence. Mia must make a choice that could save the boy.

Navy SEAL Ryker Johnson partners with his buddy Hawke in executive protection. He is a widower filled with sadness and guilt. He views Mia as a prima donna but won’t refuse to protect her. Then Mia steals his heart, and he agonizes to embrace love again. When danger increases and her life is at risk, Ryker must rescue her from impending doom.

Ryker is willing to take a bullet for her, if he’s not too late.


In this military romantic suspense series, ex-Navy SEALs form an executive protection company called Black Swan. The black swans were unexpected, like the unexpected danger the company fights. The team is dedicated to saving lives in the civilian world, using skills honed to perfection under battle conditions.

There is a rule for new teammates: Must Love Danger

Each novel in the series is a complete romance with no cliffhangers and guaranteed HEA. And the characters you love make appearances in future stories.

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